Frequently Asked Questions

I am not vaccinated against COVID-19. Can I still volunteer with the program?

As you are a registered Community Visitor Scheme volunteer, you already meet some of the mandatory requirements. When registering, please choose the check box that says you are a CVS volunteer and email your evidence to You will only be required to do a short version of the full course which will be communicated to you soon after registering.

Is an Influenza vaccination a mandatory requirement for the program?

No. It is highly recommended however it is not mandatory in QLD Aged Care Facilities if you are a volunteer. Should you be willing to undertake a current Influenza vaccination, Volunteering Queensland will arrange a $20 reimbursement.

I do not have a National Police Check. Can I still apply to volunteer?

Yes. Volunteering Queensland will support you in obtaining a National Police Check and will cover the costs connected to this check.  

Will I receive a copy of my National Police Check results?

Yes. Our National Police Check provider, Crimcheck will send you a National Criminal History Report, which includes your results, via email. Please keep in mind that this can take place on the same day you apply, or it can take up to six weeks.  

For more information, check out  

Will you accept any National Police Check alternatives? 

Yes. Volunteering Queensland can accept evidence of a valid NDIS card or Aviation Security Identification Card (ASIC). Unfortunately, we cannot accept evidence of a Blue Card or any other criminal history check alternatives. Should you need to complete a National Police Check Volunteering Queensland will support you through this process and will cover the cost. 


What training do I have to undertake?

Volunteers will be required to complete one online course. This training is provided at no cost. On commencement of your placement, you will also receive induction into the facility, programs, and processes. 

Will I receive a certificate of completion for my trainings?

Volunteers who have completed training will receive an acknowledgement of completion, or evidence of this via an email sent by the training provider.

What if I am already a Community Visitor Scheme Volunteer?

As a registered Community Visitor Scheme (CSV) Volunteer, you already meet some of the mandatory requirements of the program. Please send evidence of your CSV Volunteer certificate to which includes sufficient evidence of a National Police Check. You will also be able to access a significantly reduced version of the online training.

We asked that people select the check box for CVS Volunteer when they register for the program. If you believe you are and did not select this option, please let us know and we will do this for you.

When can I start? 

Volunteers can start to be placed with RACFs once all mandatory checks and training have been completed.   

These are: 

  • Up to date COVID-19  
  • Completed National Criminal History Check 
  • Completed industry relevant trainings 

Once these program requirements have been met, and a RACF has advised that they require volunteers, you will be matched with a RACF which is within your community.  

Will I be paid?

Volunteer work is unpaid. It is an opportunity for individuals to become involved in the activities of their community and is a matter of choice for the individual.

How will I be connected with an RACF? 

Upon completion of the National Police Check, vaccination and trainings Volunteering Queensland will email you opportunities to volunteer with RACFs in your area once RACFs have advised they are ready to accept volunteers.

What hours will I have to volunteer?  

Individual RACFs will specify their requirement and you can decide for yourself if you can facilitate those requirements when you are invited to apply for a role. We are seeking volunteers who can provide an ongoing commitment for a 3-6 month period. 

Can I volunteer on a casual basis?

Although we are seeking volunteers who can provide a regular ongoing commitment (as we feel it is in the residents best interest to have that consistency of the same face on a regular basis available to them), we do understand that this is not always an option for some and appreciate all the support that is offered. Once volunteer screening is completed you will be presented with volunteer opportunities available in your area. You will then be able to accept what works in with your availability and you can advise your facility coordinator of your notice when you can no longer participate.

Can I bring my child/ren with me on placement?

No. A requirement of the RACF Program is for all participants to be 18 years or above, and undertake the registration, screening, and connections process. We request that our volunteers do not bring other people along uninvited. You are welcome to discuss this further with your allocated aged care facility. 

Will I be provided with personal protective equipment (PPE) for the role? 

Volunteers will be provided with the necessary Protective Personal Equipment and Rapid Antigen Tests (when required) at no cost.   

Will I be insured for the work I undertake while volunteering at a facility? 

Volunteers will fall under the respective RACFs insurance framework. 

Please speak with the RACF you are volunteering with to confirm their insurance cover for volunteers is current.   

I’m not comfortable providing basic grooming and personal care such as brushing hair.  Is it compulsory to provide this type of support?

No. Providing basic grooming and personal care is not compulsory.   

Grooming and personal care undertaken by volunteers will be non-intimate types of activities such as brushing hair, painting fingernails or applying hand cream.   

Volunteers will not be expected or asked to provide showering, dressing, medication management, wound dressing, continence management, technical, high risk or complex transfer of residents, documenting provision of care, nor would you be in contact with isolated residents due to infection or illness.   

If you indicate in your registration that you are not comfortable providing basic grooming and personal care, we will share this information with the RACF however, we also encourage you to speak directly with the Volunteer Coordinator at the RACF you are volunteering in to ensure this is clear.   

Can I use my National Police Check for other volunteering opportunities in the future?

Yes. So long as it is used in a volunteering capacity then you are welcome to use your police check for future volunteering roles.  

A National Police Check does not have a validity period, however as they are deemed a point-in-time check it is up to the organisations’ discretion as to whether they request a current check, or if they will accept a pre-existing check. 

Who do I contact if I have any concerns about my placement? 

Please always discuss any concerns you have regarding your volunteering with the Volunteer Coordinator based at the RACF.   

Alternatively, please email Volunteering Queensland, and we can provide you with information to support your enquiry.  

Can I continue to volunteer at my selected RACF beyond this program duration? 

Volunteering is a rewarding experience.  We encourage you to discuss directly with the RACF you have been placed with to explore opportunity to continue your volunteering with their organisation.  

Please also visit  to learn more about opportunities to volunteer in your local community.   

How do I verify my COVID-19 vaccination? 

Upon commencement at the RACF, you will be asked to provide proof of your vaccination status.  One way you can do this by providing a copy of your immunisation history statement.   

You can get your immunisation history statement using either: 

I am willing to undertake a current Influenza vaccination, but I am not eligible for the free vaccination program. Can I receive financial assistance?

Yes. Volunteering Queensland can provide a $20 contribution for out of pocket expenses connected to the Influenza vaccination. 

Influenza vaccinations are available at your local pharmacy, doctor, or council clinics.  

As a result of my volunteering on the RACF program I am struggling with grief and/or trauma. Is there any support available to me?

Suffering grief and/or trauma as a response to your volunteering in a RACF is a possibility so there are services available to you should you need support.  

For more information: 

When do your Program registrations close? 

Volunteering Queensland will be accepting Program registrations up until 31/07/22. You will have 1 month to complete your screening and training after this date and can continue volunteering with your selected facility long after this Program ends if you wish. 


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Media release

Thursday 28 April 2022

Would you like to make a meaningful difference to the lives of our older citizens and gain much in return? Volunteer for our Re-Engaging Volunteers into Residential Aged Care Program. 

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The Re-engaging Volunteers into Residential Aged Care Facilities (RACF) Program is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health and is proudly supported by Volunteering Queensland.     

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