To get the most out of volunteering, you should choose a volunteer role that matches your values and will help you achieve your personal goals.

Here are some questions you might like to consider when applying for a volunteer role:

Why do I want to volunteer?

There are a number of benefits to volunteering. Asking yourself the following questions can help you figure out what you hope to get out of the experience.

  • What do I want to achieve?
  • What are my motivations for volunteering?
  • What are my personal beliefs and values?
  • What causes are close to my heart?
  • When I picture myself volunteering, what kind of tasks am I doing?
  • Do my friends and family volunteer already?

What opportunities are out there for me?

Once you know why you want to volunteer, these questions can help you find a role that will help you achieve your personal goals.

  • Which organisations do my friends and family volunteer with?
  • Whichvolunteer-involving organisations are active in my community?
  • Do I know of any other groups that accept volunteers?
  • Have I browsed the list of opportunities on the Volunteering Queensland Website?
  • Which organisations have values and beliefs that match mine?
  • Which organisations offer volunteering roles that interest me and will develop my skills?

Can I do what the role requires from me?

Consider asking yourself these questions to help determine whether your personal lifestyle and work commitments will allow you to make a positive contribution in your chosen role.

  • How much time can I commit to being a volunteer?
  • Will I have to travel far?
  • Do I need a police or background check to work with youth, the elderly, or people with a disability?
  • Do I meet any special requirements of the role, such as age, language skills and experience?

Will the organisation support me?

Before you agree to volunteer with an organisation, you might like to ask them some of these questions to be sure that they will support you and treat you with respect. View information on your rights and responsibilities as a volunteer here.

  • Is the organisation a non-profit or community project that works for the public good?
  • Do the organisation’s policies meet the requirements of the National Standards for Volunteer Involvement?
  • Will I receive training and orientation to help me perform the role?
  • Is there a volunteer manager or contact person to support and supervise me?
  • Will I be reimbursed for money I spend while volunteering?
  • Will I be given a written reference to help me apply for jobs in the future?
  • Does the organisation have personal accident and public liability insurance for volunteers? Will I be covered?
  • Will the organisation provide me with the documents I need to understand my rights and responsibilities such as a volunteer policy, a description of my role, and the organisation’s code of practice?
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