Throughout the recent bushfire and cyclone/ monsoonal flooding seasons and COVID-19 pandemic, the indispensable quality of volunteers has been clearly demonstrated.

Queenslanders will always step up in times of need, but strong, effective, and coordinated leadership is required to turn their goodwill into successful outcomes. During both times of disaster and fortune, the capacity and strength of the volunteering sector requires investment and support to reflect the continuing benefits that volunteers provide in all aspects of Queensland life.

This election, Volunteering Queensland is asking candidates and political parties to commit to:

  1. Invest in Queensland’s unique Emergency Volunteering CREW (EV CREW)/ Care Army capabilities
  2. Provide five-year funding for existing Queensland Volunteer Resource Centres and Hubs and establish five additional Volunteer Support Services Hubs
  3. Fund training and resources to make it easier for Queenslanders to volunteer and volunteer organisations to recruit and retain the volunteers they need
  4. Commission research on the State of Volunteering in Queensland
  5. Protect Queensland’s volunteers with state-wide insurance coverage
  6. Recognise Volunteering Queensland as eligible for Guaranteed Queensland’s Social and Community Services Equal Remuneration Order

What did the parties say?

Volunteering Queensland shared the election platform with political parties and candidates running in the 2020 Queensland election. Here is what they said.


Queensland Labor

“The Palaszczuk Government supports all the key issues outlined in your Election Platform”

Liberal National Party of Queensland

“If elected, we would be happy to work with you to deliver appropriate support for our hard-working volunteers”

Queensland Greens

“We would be happy to advocate for these in the next term of parliament if elected”

Katter’s Australian Party

“I would welcome a potential meeting with your team once the election is over”

Animal Justice Party

“We agree that this sector needs further assistance to operate and we support the six points”

Pauline Hanson’s One Nation

“Anything that can be done to recruit volunteers should be investigated”

Civil Liberties & Motorists Party

“I support your work 110%”

Contact your local candidate

We are calling on you to help strengthen the voice for volunteering this election.

Contact your local candidate/s by email, letter, or phone and encourage their political party to commit to supporting Queensland’s inspiring volunteers and volunteer organisations.

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