World Science Festival Brisbane 2019 volunteer

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About this opportunity

**What’s involved?**
Volunteers contribute 8 to 12 hours of time over the Festival. However, many volunteers undertake more hours and increased responsibilities, such as supporting the Volunteer Coordinator with the on-ground supervision of Festival volunteers.

**What qualifications do I need?**

* Comfortable working with people of all backgrounds and ages
* Excellent communication skills
* Dedication, commitment, reliability, flexibility and professionalism
* A background in science is an asset, but a passion for learning and sharing knowledge is key
* Computer skills
* 16 years or older.

**What roles are available?**
There are a number of fun and exciting roles, including:

* Greeting patrons and helping them navigate the Festival site and answering general enquiries
* Ushering patrons to their seats
* Escorting World Science Festival Brisbane participants to venues
* Working with the delivery team to set up events
* Supervising other Festival volunteers
* Assisting staff with administration duties in the World Science Festival Brisbane office

**What are the benefits of volunteering?**
Benefits of volunteering at the Festival include the opportunity to meet World Science Festival Brisbane presenters and Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) industry professionals, support the STEM community and gaining invaluable experience in the events industry.As a thank you, volunteers also receive discounts, special offers and complimentary tickets.

**How do I apply?**
Please apply using the application form, which is linked on this page:
worldsciencefestival. com. au/participate/volunteer/

Good for

  • Skilled Volunteers
  • Wheelchair Access
  • Younger volunteers, aged 14-18
Time required

Roughly 12hrs throughout the festival, split into shifts across multiple days. WSFB is held throughout March, with the largest number of events held on the 22nd, 23rd and 24th. Volunteers will also attend an induction session in February. (Please use the application form to give specific availability: worldsciencefestival . com. au/participate/volunteer/ )

Interested in
  • Arts, Craft, & Photography
  • Music & Entertainment
  • Tour Guides, Information, & Heritage