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National Student Volunteer Week 2022 is over, and this year has been more epic than ever before.

The theme – Passion. Opportunity. Change. which explored how students can realise their dreams and effect change across the world…all starting with the act of giving their time to a cause they believe in.

Events and Campaigns

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Durning National Student Volunteer Week, schools, unis, youth organisations and volunteer involving organisations nation wide hosted events to celebrate, appreciate and reward their volunteers.

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About student volunteering

Volunteering is time willingly given for the common good and without financial gain.

It is a choice made by you to make a difference. Volunteering is about supporting non-profits or community groups by willingly giving your time, skills and enthusiasm to become involved and take action on issues that are important to you.

Benefits of volunteering

Professional development

  • Gain valuable work experience
  • Learn new skills and develop employable skills for your career
  • Attain references for your resume
  • Build industry connections and networks
  • Bring your own insights and ideas into the community 
  • Help non-profits enhance and extend their cause

Personal development

  • Build your confidence
  • Act on your values, passions and interests
  • Enjoy new social and cultural experiences
  • Improve your physical and mental health
  • Have fun and make a difference!

Volunteering and employability

Up to 85% of employers believe volunteering to be just as credible as paid work.

If you’re having trouble finding the right role in your industry, volunteering could be an easier way to reinforce your resume and your skill set.

92% of employers said that relevant volunteering experience gives candidates an edge in job interviews. It’s a great talking point that can help you make a connection with a potential employer.

If you’re working towards a paid position in a socially responsible organisation, volunteering experience will be a strong indication of your integrity. Regardless of the field, employers see volunteers as trustworthy, proactive and motivated.

How to choose a role

Volunteering sharpens your talents and gives you a taste of working in your preferred industry.

It can also help broaden your horizons. You can work outside of the box by adapting to fields that are not directly related to your course.

Here are a few questions for you to consider:

  • What are my motivations for volunteering?
  • Is there a cause that is close to my heart?
  • Are there particular skills I want to contribute or learn?
  • How much time can I commit?
  • A useful resource is the Volunteering to Learn Good Practice Guide for Students. This covers how to find out about volunteering opportunities, insights about volunteer organisations and identifies common challenges and solutions.

How to make the most impact

Volunteer for a cause that you believe in

Find a cause, group or organisation that resonates deeply with you. There are many things that demand our attention and pull us in different directions, however, finding a space that you are particularly passionate about will enable you to give more of yourself to excelling in that field.

Challenge yourself and go beyond ticking boxes

It is outside of your comfort zone where the magic happens. Sometimes we have to be uncomfortable and really test our limits in order for great things to happen. Some of the greatest life lessons and most cherished memories come from stepping out of your sphere of comfort and into a realm of the unknown. Volunteering is an opportunity to go beyond ticking boxes and challenge yourself – it is a chance for you to contribute to meaningful change, connect with like-minded people and to grow as an individual.

Trust yourself and have fun

The most important thing you can do as a volunteer is to trust yourself. Be the change you want to see – all change starts with you. In challenging yourself there may be times when you question your strengths and capabilities. You are strong and you are capable. When you hold back you obstruct the change you could be making and the experiences you could be having.

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