To manage spontaneous disaster volunteers

Thank you for the generous offers of help to volunteer for those affected by the Central Queensland fires. We can always count on Queenslanders to want to help one another when times are tough. However, at the moment authorities say there is no pressing need yet for assistance, and agencies have the situation in hand. Firefighting crews and emergency services teams are doing an outstanding job and we greatly appreciate their efforts.

Disaster preparedness for older people

This week marks the 5th anniversary of the devastating Queensland Floods of 2010-11. During this time, we remember so many amazing, caring people who voluntarily helped those affected. The outpouring of community spirit and the desire of people to help each other during the massive clean-up was overwhelming!

Townsville Floods 2019 - Volunteers Urgently Required

Volunteering Queensland's Emergency Volunteering team is managing all volunteer offers of assistance to support communities affected by Cyclone Debbie.