The following conditions are agreed to by the volunteer:

  1. I affirm that my interest in volunteering is based on personal choice and is undertaken freely without the expectation of monetary reward. 
  2. I consent to attending a compulsory orientation session to be conducted by Volunteering Queensland in a video format and agree to comply with all directions, policies and procedures required. 
  3. I agree that any photograph, visual image, recording or testimonial taken of me during my participation in Homeless Connect is released for use by Volunteering Queensland and/or Brisbane City Council, at their sole discretion as they see fit (applicable for 18+ volunteers). I acknowledge that I will not take legal action against Volunteering Queensland for any reason relating to the use of the material. I agree that Volunteering Queensland will have all rights to the photographs, visual images, recordings, or testimonials and that they can be quoted, sampled or reproduced by Volunteering Queensland and/or Brisbane City Council. Volunteering Queensland provides assurances that images will not be used in an inappropriate manner. 
  4. I acknowledge that I have no claim to copyright of any images or aspects of the project and that copyright in all aspects and features of the project shall remain with Volunteering Queensland and Brisbane City Council. 
  5. Volunteer Disclaimer: By providing my personal details to Volunteering Queensland, I agree that in so doing, to the greatest extent that may be permitted by law, that Volunteering Queensland shall have no liability whatsoever to me as a result of making such details available to any council, community and or not-for-profit organisation who may from time to time take part, avail themselves or be involved in the Homeless Connect program. 
  6. I agree and confirm that by attending the Homeless Connect event, I will comply with all directions, policies and procedures provided by Volunteering Queensland and/or Brisbane City Council, including the above terms. I understand that by failing to do so, I may be removed from the project by Volunteering Queensland or its representative. 
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