Member feature written by Meg Baresic

It’s a rainy and overcast morning when I first see Susanne, the Founder of Green Thumb Farm and the most passionate farming advocate I’ve ever met. After greeting me in her gum boots and bearing the warmest of smiles, Susanne begins to explain the purpose and drive behind her creation of the Green Thumb Farm.

Susanne speaking with Ian, the Chief Gardener at Green Thumb Farm.

Nestled in the heart of Samford Valley, Green Thumb Farm is a not-for-profit permaculture farm. With its main mission being to establish a thriving and sustainable community garden, Susanne’s vision for Green Thumb Farm has seen her dedicate months of free labour and time to the development of the organisation.  Susanne is particularly passionate about promoting sustainable farming practices and cultivating a shared sense of knowledge and community. Now, Susanne says, it is more important than ever that both individual and corporate volunteers participate in, and garner joy from, helping in the garden.

Susanne explains that volunteers are pivotal to the organisation’s success, particularly given it is currently funded predominantly by government grants. Whether Green Thumb Farm achieves its goal depends upon the involvement of the wider community, be it in an individual or corporate capacity. Once the community garden is officially launched in February, individual volunteers can participate via Working Bees on Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday mornings, with all abilities encouraged to attend and give gardening a go. Further, corporate groups can register with the farm and participate in day-long workshops and gardening courses. “We are just so passionate about getting as many people as possible involved in Green Thumb Farm,” says Susanne.

One of the main growing arches at Green Thumb Farm (which doubles as a great photo opportunity!).

As we stand amongst rows of tomatoes and zucchini (of which I am lucky enough to be gifted two!), Susanne speaks to the ever-increasing importance of gardening and volunteering for mental and physical wellbeing. Alluding to the vitality of having a sense of purpose and meaning, Susanne posits that being a part of Green Thumb Farm would undoubtedly help those who are currently struggling with loneliness and poor mental health. As corny as it sounds, I garnered an incredible sense of joy from simply walking around and speaking to someone as passionate about farming as Susanne is. Just imagine the joy we could all feel if we got our hands a little dirty.

Green Thumb Farm is set to launch in February and Susanne encourages anyone interested to find out more by visiting their website or contacting Susanne at Susanne is particularly interested in speaking with corporate volunteers who are interested in attending the site. You can also view current volunteering opportunities at

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