Volunteering Queensland is proud to co-launch new online resources to assist organisations attract, engage and retain autistic volunteers and volunteers with disabilities. The partnerships with Empower Autism and Queenslanders with Disability Network aim to build the capacity of all organisations to incorporate these priority groups into their volunteering teams.

Participation in volunteering is an excellent way for people to contribute to the social and economic fabric of their community, while building individual purpose, confidence and self-efficacy, that help contribute to a thriving life. In return, autistic people and people with disabilities bring valuable and unique skills, talents and experiences to the volunteering sector to deliver critical services and help those in need.

Volunteering is extremely beneficial to all involved and, to ensure accessibility for volunteers of all abilities and backgrounds, organisations need support, information and tools to better understand and create workplaces that embrace diversity. Research findings repeatedly highlight the benefits of a genuinely diverse volunteer organisation are immense for both the volunteer organisation and the volunteer.

Through partnerships between Empower Autism and Queenslanders with Disability Network, free online resources have been developed to better inform volunteer involving organisations and help them implement a positive environment for new volunteers. The resources aim to provide:

  • Enabling, accessible, inclusive volunteering environments
  • Increased knowledge and confidence of volunteer involving organisations to attract and meaningfully engage volunteers.
  • An accessible, easy to use tool to implement change.
  • Opportunities for expanded volunteer recruitment and contribution, from a diverse demographic offering a range of skills, experiences and strengths.

The combined experience, knowledge, and passion of all three organisations has been combined for the benefit of both the autistic and disability communities as well as to further foster the growth of Queensland’s volunteer ecosystem. The partnerships were borne out of a desire to strengthen diversity and inclusion in the volunteering sector, whilst breaking down the barriers to volunteering.

Find the resources in the resource library here or click on the tiles below.

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