Meals on Wheels Queensland’s Journey of Compassion and Growth

Meals on Wheels across Queensland has continued to expand its reach, delivering a record 2.7 million meals and welfare checks across the state annually. It is crucial to recognise and celebrate the invaluable contribution of volunteers, who have formed the backbone of Meals on Wheels for almost 70 years.

Over 6,500 Meals on Wheels volunteers selflessly give their time and energy to ensure that vulnerable individuals and families receive the support they need, even in the face of personal challenges.

Evan Hill, CEO of Meals on Wheels Queensland, acknowledges the unwavering commitment and resilience of their staff, volunteers, and supporters.

“We are committed to our communities all across Queensland and continuing to provide essential services to those who rely on us. We are not just a service; we are a lifeline for communities,” emphasizing MOW’s steadfast dedication to providing essential support to those who rely on them.

“We are committed to our communities all across Queensland and continuing to provide essential services to those who rely on us. We are not just a service; we are a lifeline for communities,”

Meals on Wheels Queensland received substantial Federal Government support grant funding for the Covid-19 Emergency. This funding allowed us to deliver over 300,000 additional meals during the pandemic, a feat made possible by our dedicated volunteers.

Looking to the future, Meals on Wheels Queensland is actively rallying for more volunteers, drawn from across all of Queensland’s vibrant communities and life experiences, to join their ranks. It is eager to embrace the diversity, generosity and unwavering commitment of Queenslanders with their compassion for those who need help most. With a vision to expand their reach and enhance their services, they are working closely with Volunteering Queensland to make volunteering a cornerstone of community engagement and a shared purpose.

Why Volunteer for Meals on Wheels Queensland:

  • Make a Meaningful Impact: Joining Meals on Wheels allows you to directly impact the lives of vulnerable individuals and families in your community by delivering essential meals and welfare checks.
  • Be Part of a Lifeline: Volunteers form the backbone of Meals on Wheels, providing crucial support to those who rely on the service. By volunteering, you become part of a lifeline for communities across Queensland.
  • Experience Personal Growth: Volunteering with Meals on Wheels offers opportunities for personal growth and development. It allows you to develop valuable skills, gain new experiences, and foster a sense of fulfillment by helping others.
  • Build Connections: Joining Meals on Wheels provides an opportunity to build meaningful connections within your community. You’ll meet like-minded individuals, forge new friendships, and become part of a vibrant and supportive volunteer network.
  • Contribute to Health and Well-being: Research shows that volunteering can have positive effects on mental and emotional well-being. By volunteering with Meals on Wheels, you not only contribute to the physical health of recipients but also enhance your own well-being.
  • Flexible Volunteering Options: Meals on Wheels offers flexible volunteering options to accommodate various schedules and preferences. Whether you have a few hours to spare each week or can only volunteer occasionally, there’s a role for you.
  • Be Part of a Proactive Community: Meals on Wheels Queensland is actively working to expand its reach and enhance its services. By joining as a volunteer, you become part of a proactive community dedicated to making a difference and shaping a brighter future for generations to come.

Meals on Wheels Queensland operates across 144 locations, delivering vital community services to the most vulnerable, with funding being derived from the Commonwealth, NDIS, the State, client contributions, and donations. Meals on Wheels Queensland isn’t just about delivering meals – it’s about delivering hope, compassion, and a sense of belonging to every doorstep it reaches – every contact matters.

With new volunteers by their side, they are poised to continue transforming lives and shaping brighter futures for generations to come. The future volunteers will potentially be different from those before them, connected through a shared understanding of the impact that Meals on Wheels Queensland can have. It will continue to promote the benefits of volunteering.

Meals on Wheels has been a proud member of Volunteering Queensland since 2003.  Its commitment to volunteering collaborations such as the My Governance Journey, the Volunteer Manager’s Network and Continuous Professional Development programs show a commitment to advancing volunteering for all organisations and across all sectors of the community.

Reach out and join them today and get ready to make a lasting contribution.

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