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National Standards for Volunteer Involvement

The National Standards are a best practice framework to guide volunteer involvement. The National Standards can be used flexibly, recognising that volunteering takes place in highly diverse settings and ways.

The development of the refreshed National Standards was informed by a sector wide consultation process conducted across each state and territory in 2023. Thank you to everyone who contributed.

Webinar June 2022

This is a video recorded by Volunteering QLD to explain how to develop your own organisation’s Volunteering Standards.

National Standards Guide and Workbook

This Guide and Workbook is designed as a systematic and
‘user friendly’ method for implementing the National Standards
in your organisation. It contains a comprehensive set of
instructions and resources to guide you task-by-task through
the implementation process.

Gap Assessment

A checklist to help your organisation understand which areas within the National Standards may be lacking and need your immediate attention

Handout – Change Management Process

Three phases to follow during your adaptation of plans

Handout – Assessing Results of Change Management Activities

How you know your phases of change have been successful

Handout – AKDAR model for change management

A questionnaire to determine individual awareness of the need to change

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